Is Alcohol Rehab really necessary, isn’t alcohol legal?

For centuries now alcohol has been the drug of choice for most Americans. Minus the period of prohibition during the early part of the 20th century, it has always been legal, and because of its legal status and the belief that it is a safe drug to consume, many people have fallen into alcohol addiction.

The reality is that alcohol is one of the most addictive and dangerous substances on the planet. Most people do not look at it this way, but alcohol kills roughly 90,000 people every year in the United States. This is nearly double the amount of people that die annually due to drug related deaths, but yet because alcohol is legal, as a society we find it hard to understand how dangerous it can be.

Even putting aside the fact that alcohol kills more people every year than any other drug, the other potential damages of alcohol are vastly underestimated in today’s society. A few of the most common health problems associated with alcohol use are cirrhosis of the liver, and cardiac problems such as, an increased risk of heart attacks. In fact, according to a study conducted by The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, if all the citizens in the United States were to quit drinking altogether, it would result in over 73,000 fewer atrial fibrillation cases and 91,000 fewer patients with congestive heart failure.

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Health issues and physical damage aside, there are much deeper, far more damaging issues that come with alcohol addiction. People who suffer from alcoholism often times experience tremendous social, legal, and financial consequences as the result of their substance abuse issues. They often times will wind up losing their families, losing their jobs, losing their standing in the community, and if their addiction continues, they could possibly lose their house, causing them to become homeless. These are not scare tactics but are the realities that come with extended alcohol abuse, and often time in order to overcome alcoholism, it is necessary to seek treatment. Luckily the treatment centers that we work with specialize in alcohol addiction in Chicago, and they are well equipped to help you break free from your alcoholism and find the life of sobriety that you have always wanted.

If you think that you may have an issue with alcoholism then please reach out today and take advantage of our extensive network of private, luxury, and most importantly, insurance approved facilities that treat alcohol addiction in Chicago. We offer free consultation, assessment, and up-front insurance benefit verification to ensure treatment is covered by your private insurance policy.

How do I know if I have an alcohol problem?

Alcoholism can be a subtle foe, in that it often times convinces the person afflicted that they do not have a problem. Even though it may be apparent to all those around that the individual has a drinking problem, to the person with alcoholism they may still strongly believe that the alcohol is not the problem.

This is in part because of the denial that alcoholism creates, where it actually convinces the individual that others are to blame for their problems, or in some case society at large is to blame for the issue they are facing. It does this in such a cunning way that a person could suffer from alcoholism for years and be none the wiser.

However, even though it can be difficult for an individual to come terms with their alcoholism, there are certain signs and symptoms that are common among most alcoholics. So if you find that you have participated in any of the following then you may want to seek treatment from a program that offers help for alcohol addiction in Chicago.

  • Lying about or hiding your drinking
  • Having trouble with relationships due to alcohol
  • An inability to stop drinking once you start
  • A preoccupation with thinking about drinking
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Experiencing blackout on a semi-regular basis
  • Drinking to deal with emotions

These are only a few signs that a person may be suffering from alcohol addiction in Chicago, and if you can relate to any of the above then you may have an issue with alcoholism. Remember that alcohol addiction is a serious illness and the withdrawal symptoms that an individual experiences could be fatal, so do not attempt to quit on your own.

Finding Treatment For Alcohol Addiction in Chicago

  • If you find that you cannot stop using drugs or alcohol when you want to, or that once you start using you cannot stop then you may have an issue with addiction. As frightening as it can be to admit this to yourself, it is the first step in recovery and we here at Never Alone Recovery know exactly how you feel. So give us a call today at, 1-844-364-4445, and let us help you on your way to a new life in recovery.