Do I need  Medical Detox?

The initial barrier to seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is generally an overwhelming fear of the medical detoxification process, and the associated withdrawal symptoms that usually come with it.  Withdrawal symptoms occur when someone uses a drug or drinks regularly, enough to the point where the body can no longer function properly without them. When you take away these substances that the body needs, it goes into what is commonly referred to as acute withdrawal. Getting through this acute withdrawal stage can be a long and grueling process, even to the point that the idea of suffering through withdrawals can scare someone away from the idea of recovery altogether.

Many people who attempt to stop on their own, without the help of a medical detox, like the medical detox programs we offer, find that the withdrawal symptoms are too overpowering and so they are drawn back into using in order to stop the uncomfortable symptoms. Yet, if they seek professional medical assistance during this phase of the recovery process, their chances of success increase dramatically. The reason is that the medical detox programs that we work with offer our clients the ability to experience their detox process in a safe and secure environment away from the temptations of drugs or alcohol. They will be surrounded by support and people who can help them through this trying time and so therefore they will be less apt to go back out and use during the detox process.

Beyond the support aspect, our programs also offer many medical precautions that need to be taken during the detox process, as it is always advised to detox in a medically supervised facility. However daunting withdrawal symptoms may seem, at Never Alone Recovery, we can help you make it through the detox process and on to the life of recovery you have always wanted. We know what it is like to stand on the precipice of recovery, and we are here to help you in any way we can.

What is the Medical Detoxification Process?

Medical detox, like the nationwide programs we work with, is the first step in the substance abuse treatment process, where an individual stop using the substances they were abusing and lets their body and mind cleanse itself of all mood and mind altering substances. The medical detoxification process is an integral part of the recovery process, because while an individual still has illicit substances in their system they cannot hope to overcome their addiction issues, it is only through total abstinence that they can begin their road to recovery.

The various medical detox programs that we work with throughout the nation consist of 24-hour medical supervision to administer medication and ensure a safe and comfortable detoxification. Their goal is to mitigate the majority of withdrawal symptoms, which in turn will decrease the discomfort experienced significantly, if not completely. This phase of the recovery process is often times the most precarious because not only is an individual experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which are uncomfortable and could cause a person to want to go back out and use again, but also with certain substances, like alcohol and benzodiazepines, the detox process could be fatal if the correct medical protocols are not adhered to.

We believe a proper medical detox is crucial to the initial recovery process, and that offering a proper medical detox allows our clients to participate in their treatment by attending group therapy sessions, exercising and eating in a healthy manner. It is important to allow the hormones and brain chemistry to reach a point of balance so these tasks can be undergone with a clear head, with minimal discomfort.

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