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Where do I start with Addiction Treatment?

Figuring out who to call first, where to go, or how to pay for rehab and addiction treatment can be stressful.  

That’s why we’re here to streamline the process for you.  Our simple, 4-step process begins with a consultation with one of our addiction treatment placement specialists. We’ll ask a few questions because we want to get a good understanding of your life situation.  We get to know each and every client on an individual level, their treatment history, their lifestyle, location, and more.  Using our knowledge and experiences, we can begin to discuss the available treatment options.

It’s really easy to get started.  You don’t even have to know what you’re looking for or if you really want to go to treatment.  We know that to make the best decision, you first need to get informed.  So let’s start there.  You can call us directly, message us on facebook, or fill out our health insurance verification form!  We’ll message or call you back as soon as we can.

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addiction treatmentDo people really need help doing this?

A major pitfall within the addiction treatment community is a lack of impartiality on behalf of treatment centers.  Treatment center admissions personnel don’t have the same freedom we do. Working for one specific facility limits admissions staff to only one option.  They have good intentions, but if a different form of treatment might be a better fit, they can’t always tell you that or give you adequate information.

We’ve been in your situation.  As addicts in recovery, we’ve been to treatment centers of all different types in all different locations.  We know what options are available, no matter what your situation is.

Not every client needs the same drug & alcohol treatment

We work hard to ensure that our network of top-tier addiction treatment centers meet the expectations of BOTH the client and their family – since they are often a vital part of the recovery process.

At Never Alone Recovery, we get to know each individual program – personally. We do our best to provide the most beneficial options regarding each client’s treatment needs.  We look for accredited facilities that we believe in – places we would recommend to our own family and friends.

The best approach is to provide a custom-tailored solution to drug and alcohol treatment. We don’t believe in the “one-size fits all” approach. We take all of the client’s and family’s needs into account before providing our thoughts on the best addiction treatment options.

Why choose Never Alone?

Never Alone Recovery is a free resource, founded by addicts for addicts. We provide access to top Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment centers nationwide. We also perform interventions and provide recovery related information for addicts struggling with active addiction and loved ones that suffer along with them. We believe help finding treatment should be provided at no cost whatsoever.

At Never Alone Recovery, we believe that the highest quality, evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be the first step towards a new life in recovery. We’ve seen the horrors of active addiction – both personally and professionally. Our core values are purpose, passion, and efficiency in aiding families through the process of finding treatment for their loved one. As a result, our process is efficient AND effective.

What’s the next step?

After we get to know an alcoholic or addict and their family, we begin looking at the best addiction treatment options available. Our recommendation is custom-tailored to the individual entering treatment. We use our knowledge of our network of treatment options, along with our experience regarding the treatment process. Thus, we are able to determine which program(s) would best suit the individual’s needs.

We’ll discuss our recommendation for each person and give everyone time to consider what they want to do next.  We also understand that finances are a big factor and source of concern when choosing a treatment facility.  We aren’t going to pressure anyone to spend money or make anyone feel bad for whatever financial situation they’re in.  We’ve been there!  We’ll help you no matter what your finances look like.

What will it cost?

Treatment can be expensive. Treatment does not have to be expensive.
  • Does my insurance cover addiction treatment?
  • Does Blue Cross/Blue Shield cover addiction treatment?
  • Does my insurance cover a therapist in treatment?
  • Does United Healthcare cover addiction treatment?
  • What if I can’t afford to pay my deductible for addiction treatment?

These are all important questions, and we get them a lot. Fortunately, we’re able to navigate the complicated nature of insurance and treatment costs. Our goal is to simplify the process – so that you and your loved one can begin to heal. 

Health insurance DOES cover addiction treatment.

Some people are unaware that drug and alcohol treatment is now required to be covered by ALL insurance policies.  We can also provide free insurance verification, to determine what benefits are covered and what services a patient has already used. Feel free to call at absolutely any time, and we will help you or a loved one look at health insurance and get an explanation on what options exist.

By providing free insurance verification and consultation, we can estimate what treatment will cost.  Sometimes families have a budget that we can work with to choose a facility and a length of stay.  We also help families in need find facilities that can scholarship some or all of the out of pocket costs of treatment.  

We also take into consideration any personal and/or legal issues that clients may be facing and deal with them accordingly. Many municipalities will postpone court dates or home visits if someone is at a licensed treatment center.  We coordinate with the chosen treatment center to provide proof of stay for the court or children’s services system if required.

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Will I lose my job going to rehab?

The answer is almost always no. Addiction rehab is covered under FMLA protection. Any workplace with over 50 employees is protected by FMLA laws.  So if you have worked for 12 months or more for such an employer, you’re protected. Many smaller employers will also hold positions while employees get medical care.  We provide full-service coordination with employers to ensure your job is protected until you return.

Your employer doesn’t need to know specifically why you’re getting medical care.  Some employees CHOOSE to tell their employer, but this is optional.  One of the best reasons to tell your employer the truth is because many HR departments will help you coordinate treatment. They can also adjust your work hours or environment to accommodate your medical needs.  Some workplaces even have Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that work with local treatment centers to get you into care and modify your work hours around your treatment schedule.  You can pursue these options by going directly to HR and telling them you need help for mental health and substance abuse problems.

However, sometimes you might want to keep this to yourself.  You have the right under FMLA to get treatment for up to 12 weeks without losing your job.  You can usually collect pay for as many sick days and vacation days that you have available.  There are small, specialty treatment programs available for professionals who need to consider their careers when seeking addiction treatment.  We can help you locate these types of programs.  Of course, we will always keep your information confidential.

The most important thing is to always act first. If you contact HR about your “medical issue” and state that you need treatment – you are protected.  If you have specific directions from a doctor to take time off work for treatment, you are protected. But if your employer finds out on their own that you have been drunk or high on the job, or you fail a drug screen – you could lose your job and health insurance.

We strive to go above and beyond the generic model of aiding those who seek treatment by working with treatment centers that treat clients on all issues surrounding the substance abuse. We provide full-service at no expense to the client whatsoever.

What about Travel Expenses?

“I have insurance but I can’t afford transportation to drug rehab. Flights are expensive.”

Travel costs are often a barrier to treatment for those who are entering drug rehab or alcohol rehab outside of their current location. We can assist with travel planning and scheduling.  We can also point those in need toward resources to help cover travel expenses. We aim to ensure that a simple plane, train, or bus ticket will not be a roadblock to the beginning of a new life in recovery.

Finding the best treatment options for our clients includes making the process as easy as possible. The first phone call is the hardest part of getting help with drugs & alcohol abuse.

We applaud any and all that seek treatment for their drug or alcohol use.

We provide options that are going to best suit each individual client. We start by researching facilities, arranging admission into the chosen facility, and providing travel accommodations for those to whom travel costs are an issue.


We have dedicated our personal and professional lives to helping as many addicts as possible. We will find the right treatment program and be a resource for recovery-related knowledge, experience, and advice to all in need. We strive to provide quality treatment options, travel assistance, and information to all addicts seeking recovery.


Having struggled through addictive addiction for many years, we have a deeper understanding of addiction as a whole and the steps necessary to defeat it. We draw on our own struggles and achievements to provide insight into addiction and show that there is hope. We are living testaments to the benefits of treatment and long-term recovery.


We understand how hard it is to reach out for help when in the grip of active addiction.  That’s why we work constantly to provide free information and insurance verification in a timely manner.  Time is not an ally when attempting to help addicts find the right treatment program.  We know a quick and expedient process is more likely to be successful.

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