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Where Do I Start?

Our simple, 4-step process begins with a consultation with one of our treatment specialists, typically over the phone, in order for us to get a good understanding of the situation present in the life of our client(s). We get to know each and every client on an individual level, make our initial assessment of their specific addiction treatment needs, then begin to discuss the options available. The primary goal of this process is to gain a better understanding of any and all needs that may pertain to the form of addiction treatment, location, modalities, and many other factors regarding which addiction treatment center would best suit their needs.

A major pitfall within the addiction treatment community is a lack of impartiality on behalf of treatment centers. Reaching out directly to treatment centers guarantees only that the admissions personnel at many facilities will not objectively assess and determine if their treatment center is the right option for the client. Given that they do work for a specific drug and alcohol treatment center, they are by definition providing only one option, sometimes irrespective of whether or not that facility fits the client.

We work diligently to ensure that our network of top-tier addiction treatment centers meet the expectations of not only the client, but the loved ones as well, since they are often a vital part of the recovery process. We maintain contact with each facility in our network to stay up to date with new and upcoming services.

We get to know each individual program to best provide the most beneficial options regarding each client’s treatment needs. Providing such a custom-tailored solution to drug and alcohol treatment, as opposed to an otherwise one-size fits all approach demonstrates that we take all of the clients needs into account when determining which treatment center might suit them best.

What will it cost?

For many families and clients, whether or not the treatment is covered under their specific insurance policy plays an important role in the decision of where to seek treatment. By providing free insurance verification and consultation, we can determine which treatment options can be provided at little or no out of pocket cost. We also take into consideration any financial and/or legal issues that clients may be facing and deal with them accordingly. We coordinate with the chosen treatment center to provide proof of stay for the court system if required. We strive to go above and beyond the generic model of aiding those who seek treatment by working with treatment centers that treat clients on all issues surrounding the substance abuse. We provide full-service at no expense to the client whatsoever. 

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What About Travel Expenses?

Travel costs can often become a  barrier to treatment for those who are entering drug rehab or alcohol rehab outside of their location. We can often assist with travel cost and expenses to ensure that a simple plane, train, or bus ticket will not be a roadblock to the beginning of a new life in recovery. Finding the best treatment options for our clients includes making the process as easy as possible, since the most difficult aspect is making that first call to seek help. We applaud any and all that seek treatment for their drug or alcohol use. We demonstrate such by handling every facet surrounding the determination of which facility will be best, arranging admission into the chosen facility, and providing travel accommodations for those to whom travel costs are an issue.


Why Choose  Never Alone?

Never Alone Recovery is a free resource, founded by addicts for addicts. We provide access to top Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment centers, nationwide. We also perform interventions and provide recovery related information for the addict’s struggling with active addiction and loved ones that suffer along with them. We believe placement at the top drug and alcohol treatment centers should be provided at no cost whatsoever.

At Never Alone Recovery, we believe that the highest quality, evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be the first step towards a new life in recovery. Speaking from personal and professional experience with the horrors of active addiction, we pride ourselves on purpose, passion, and efficiency in aiding families through the process of finding treatment for their loved one. Our goal is to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

After a brief assessment by one of our treatment placement specialists, we begin looking at the best addiction treatment options available. Our solution is custom-tailored to the individual entering treatment. We utilize our vast network of treatment options, along with our knowledge regarding the treatment process to determine which program(s) would best suit the individual’s needs. Many are unaware that drug/alcohol treatment is now required to be covered by ALL insurance policies, as a result of the Affordable Care Act. We can also provide free insurance verification, to determine what options are available and fully-covered. Feel free to call at absolutely any time, and we will help you or a loved one begin the first steps toward a new life in recovery.


We have dedicated our personal and professional lives to helping as many addicts as possible find the right treatment program, and be an easily accessible resource for recovery-related knowledge, experience and advice to all in need. We strive to provide quality treatment options, travel assistance, and a recovery plan to all addict’s seeking recovery.


Having struggled through addictive addiction for many years, we have a deeper understanding of addiction as a whole and the steps necessary to defeat it. We utilize our struggles and successes to provide insight into addiction and show that there is hope to beat addiction. We are a living testament to the benefits of treatment and long-term recovery.


We understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help when in the grip of active addiction, and that’s why we work tirelessly to provide free insurance verification in a timely manner and begin looking at available treatment options immediately. Time is not an ally when attempting to help addicts find the right treatment program.  A quick and expedient process is most often a successful one.