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Serving Communities by Providing Life-Saving Support to Those Who Need It Most

As Never Alone Recovery, our team has helped thousands of families through the difficulties of addiction and recovery.

Now that we're embarking on a new chapter as the Never Alone Foundation, we've significantly expanded not only the support and advocacy services but also corporate training programs and a growing list of other initiatives.

Addiction support and resources

Mental health advocacy

Sexual abuse & trauma support

Victim sensitivity & advocacy training

Anti-trafficking initiatives

Trauma counseling and intervention was the best decision of my life. Healing may not be easy, but now I live my life instead of survive it.

Katie S.

I've stood by Never Alone since I got sober 7 years ago. They've never let me, or anyone I've sent to them, down. So much gratitude for what they do.

Tanya l.

If you are looking for help, do yourself a favor — reach out to this unique recovery group that merges alcoholics, addicts and the affected families.

Matthew S.

About the Never Alone Foundation

We're dedicated to providing comprehensive support for individuals affected by addiction, mental health issues, trauma, sexual assault, trafficking, and more. Our mission is to offer hope and healing through a range of services designed to help people reclaim their lives and thrive.

Addiction Recovery

We provide resources, support groups, and treatment referrals to help individuals overcome addiction and build a sustainable path to recovery.

Trauma Recovery

Our trauma recovery programs are designed to help survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and trafficking find safety, support, and a way forward.

Mental Health Support

From counseling to peer support, we offer a variety of mental health services aimed at fostering emotional well-being and resilience.

Training Programs

At the Never Alone Foundation, we offer specialized training programs designed to create safer, more inclusive environments. Our programs equip businesses, corporations, and government entities with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively address and respond to sensitive issues.

Sexual Assault Response Training (SART) Programs

Our SART programs equip organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to respond effectively to incidents of sexual assault, ensuring victim support and proper protocol adherence.

Sensitivity Training

We offer tailored sensitivity training programs for businesses, corporations, and government entities to foster inclusive and supportive environments for all employees.

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