Reuniting Families & Friends

in Sobriety & Health

Reuniting Families & Friends

in Sobriety & Health

Never Alone Recovery is a free resource for those suffering from addiction as well as their loved ones who are looking for support.
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What Our Community Members Say

"...I was facing death with my liver failing and my gallbladder going into sepsis, but I would have kept using if it weren't for Never Alone Recovery. Nick worked fast to get me into program in a beautiful location. Now I'm just shy of 60 days clean, which is the longest I've been sober in nine years...

Nathaniel F.

"A family member reached out for help... Nick did not give up on him – he continued to reach out until this family member decided he needed to get better. [My relative] never would have gone for treatment if he didn't feel so comfortable with Nick... I cannot begin to thank the staff at Never Alone Recovery."

Caroline W.

"I always thought about getting sober, but doing it by yourself is hard... I was nervous, but even from his home while putting his kids to bed, Nick helped me find a facility that worked for me. [His] dedication to helping me inspired me to help myself."

George L.

Chicago Tribune
Northwest International Times

Addiction Assessment

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Our assessment is comprised of questions adapted from the top diagnostic tools created and used by industry professionals.

Recovery Shouldn't be confusing

We'll Help You Find....

Intervention support
Intervention Support

"How do you stage an intervention?"

"Who should be involved in my loved one's intervention?"

"Where do I start?"

"When will I know it's time for an intervention?"

Doctor providing a medical exam
Medical Detox Treatment

"How do I find the best alcohol detox program?"

"Do I need to complete a benzodiazepine detox?"

"Is this heroin detox program right for me?"

"What's the best medical detox near me?"

Group therapy for addiction
Drug & Alcohol Rehab

"Which is the best residential drug rehab near me?"

"How do I choose the right inpatient program?"

"What are the differences between intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs?"

Those who contact Never Alone Recovery for help finding a drug addiction treatment program usually speak with our primary coordinator, Nick Cialdella.

Nick has been incredibly successful in his own recovery from addiction with several years of continuous sobriety under his belt. Members of the Never Alone community consistently praise Nick for his guidance and commitment to helping them embark on their own journeys toward stable, lasting sobriety.

If you have questions about addiction, recovery, or relapse prevention, Nick is your guy. Speak to him today by calling our toll-free number, or send Nick an email.

Nick Ciadella

What We Do

Free Recovery Support

Addiction is a highly destructive disease that claims thousands of lives every year. At Never Alone Recovery, we believe everyone should have access to the support they need to achieve total wellness and regain their independence.

To help reunite families and rebuild relationships through recovery, Never Alone Recovery offers drug and alcohol rehab placement services to individuals in need nationwide at no cost. Period.

As industry veterans who have extensive experience with addiction treatment and recovery, we also provide intervention assistance as well as recovery education, both to those suffering from addiction and their loved ones.


Our team includes experienced interventionists who can help you prepare and execute an intervention for your loved one

Travel & Intake

Unsure how you'll get to and from treatment? Don't worry — we can help you find and arrange your travel

Treatment Placement

We work with many of the best drug rehabs and treatment providers in the country, so we can match you to your ideal program

Strategy & Support

Through your journey, we continue to make ourselves available for support, including via our free online support groups

Surviving Addiction eBook, cover and inside spread

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Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction

Discover our FREE eBook, Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction, a compassionate guide to help you navigate the challenges and emotions of supporting someone with addiction. Empower yourself with knowledge, strategies, and resources for this journey.

Download your copy now. But don't wait too long as this eBook may not be free for much longer!

Online Support Group Meeting

Our Support Group is For You.


Individuals who suffer from addiction benefit from having a community of understanding cohorts and allies in recovery.


Our support groups are a great resource for addicts' spouses to gain a better understanding and receive emotional support.


Many of our support group attendees are parents of individuals who are either actively experiencing addiction or are at varying points in recovery.

Extended Family

Anyone who has a loved one suffering from addiction will find invaluable support and deep understanding in those attending our meetings.


If your friend is showing signs of addiction, our support groups are a great resource to better understand addiction and recovery.


Is someone at your workplace showing signs of addiction? Our support group attendees can often provide poignant feedback and encouragement.

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