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Knowing When to

Tell Your Story

Sharing your story with the Never Alone Recovery community could be an opportunity to take back your narrative.

It takes guts to put your story out there. When we allow ourselves to be seen as we truly are, the other person's response becomes so much more important because they're seeing the real you.

Your progress in recovery

Whether you've overcome your own addiction or simply had a front-row view of loved one's, there's much catharsis to be had by sharing your journey with others. It's especially beneficial when sharing your story with people who have very likely had similar experiences.

Personal milestones

Buying a house. Getting married. Having a child. Starting a new career... and many other examples of the milestones we hit throughout our lives. The Never Alone community loves to share in each other's milestones.

Victories and achievements

Most of us accomplish things every single day. Of course, some of these achievements are bigger than others, but each takes some amount of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Once you're ready, share the story of your triumph with the community.

Obstacles you've overcome

Have you had certain experiences that were especially difficult for you? How did you feel when you finally got to the other side? Stories about the obstacles we face can be a great source of learning for others in the community.

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