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Free Services Are Costly

While other organizations only sell their assistance, Never Alone Recovery provides consulting and placement services at zero cost to the individual(s). Addiction is already one of the biggest challenges a person will ever overcome before compounding the situation by increasing the costs.

We can continue to offer our services for free, in part, because of the generosity of our community members.

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When we reach more people, we help more people. Sharing our content increases our ability to reach those who need us the most.

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Did you know we created our own line of recovery-positive designs, available on shirts, hoodies, keychains, coffee mugs, and more? It's true! Every purchase supports our continued campaign against addiction.

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Yes, Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction, our new eBook, is available here on our website for free. However, we also created an eBook version to ensure a better reading experience.

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