We assess and evaluate each community member to establish his or her background, gauge the severity of the addiction, and to identify unique recovery needs.

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It all begins with an assessment, which is conducted by one of our placement specialists. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the individual's background, establish the severity of his or her addiction, and identify his or her unique recovery needs. This is arguably the most important step in our process as it facilitates the individual's placement at a drug rehab center that is best suited to his or her needs, preferences, and background.

After our assessment, we move into verification and evaluation. Working with your health insurance provider, our team will determine what level of coverage is included in your health insurance plan. Then we'll use the information we've collected to evaluation your needs so we can move into the phase step, which is placement.









What Our Community Members Say

The Never Alone team works with people from all over the country. Here's what some of them have to say...

"When I was in jail, Nick said he would help bail me out if I was ready to go to treatment. He worked with my insurance and secured me a bed within a few hours. I honestly don't know if I'd still be here without Never Alone Recovery."

Samantha I.

"Never Alone Recovery was extremely helpful on my path to recovery. I honestly don't know if I would have been able to do this by myself. I'm forever grateful for all the help Never Alone Recovery has given me."

Anthony W.

"I'm so grateful to have come into contact with such a fine company. I'm truly thankful for the wonderful services that Nick and the rest of the Never Alone team provide. You make people feel like family!"

Leo D.

"I was given Nick's number and reached out to him. My family member decided not to [get help] at first, but Nick did not give up on him. He never would have gone to treatment if it weren't for Nick. I cannot begin to thank Nick and the staff at Never Alone Recovery."

Joe W.

"So grateful to Never Alone Recovery. They have encouraged me and my family, and brought new life and new hope for restoration in my relationships with my family. If you are struggling with addiction or have questions, reach out to Nick and his team."

Anna F.

"Never Alone Recovery got me into treatment the moment I asked for help. They started my recovery and help keep it alive today. These people do wonders for people who need help. Nick and his team are such wonderful people."

Megan S.

"I found Never Alone Recovery through an online search. Thank God for Nick. In less than 24 hours, Nick has placement for my son with insurance coverage confirmed. I will be forever grateful to Nick for helping those in need."

Cindy M.

"I called Nick and before I could even really think about what I was doing, they had my plane ticket and I was going to be on my way to California. I am so grateful to you, Nick. You helped save my life!"

Amber M.

"My liver was failing and my gallbladder was going into sepsis. I would have kept using if it weren't for Nick and Never Alone Recovery. Nick worked fast to get me into a beautiful location and the best program I've ever seen."

Nathaniel F.

"Austin and his team have been exceptionally helpful with finding treatment. I have come to realize that they are set apart from other providers by a sense of genuine altruism. Anytime I have questions or concerns, I lean on Never Alone Recovery for their collective insight and wisdom."

Chris P.