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Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction

Many of us would like a guide to getting through one of the most difficult times in a person's life. We decided to create that guide.

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Dealing with a loved one's addiction is hard, but you don't have to go it blindly.

When it came to putting together our first eBook, we decided to begin with a comprehensive resource that helps to through addiction, particularly in the early stages when individuals are often left feeling helpless and alone. However, while this eBook was conceived as being for the loved ones of someone struggling with addiction, it's also relevant to those suffering from addiction.

It's hard to watch someone spiraling from addiction, but there's a cure to your helplessness with our eBook, Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction.

All over the world, countless millions of people are feeling alone.

Whether it's from feeling helpless to their own addictions or of their loved ones', this disease defies reason, forcing people to behave in ways incompatible with health.

The Support You Need, When You Need It

Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction is your on-demand companion that supports you through your struggle with addiction, whether it's your own or that of a loved one.

To be clear, the eBook is not a quick fix as, unfortunately, there is no quick fix for addiction. But being informed about addiction, how it's treated, and what it means to be in recovery can be the difference between surviving addiction and getting defeated by it.

Providing a roadmap to recovery, Surviving Addiction was designed to help you through the first steps on the road to lasting sobriety.

What's In Our eBook?

We created Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction as a comprehensive resource to help you deal with a substance abuse problem.

Here's some of what you can expect in the eBook:

Is My Loved One On Drugs?
Addiction: What You Should Know
Staging an Intervention: A Checklist
Supporting Your Loved One After Rehab
& Much More
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Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why do you need my name?

Although we do like knowing who we're speaking to, one of the main reasons we ask for your name (as well as certain other questions for that matter) is so we can keep track of who's receiving a free copy of our eBook, Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction.

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Additionally, having this information may give us the ability to provide more effective support for any potential concerns or questions related to our eBook.

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Why are you giving away free copies of the eBook?

Our eBook, Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction, was created to help people through what's objectively one of the most difficult experiences a person can have. Sure, we could have sold the eBook, but giving the eBook away for free means getting the eBook into more hands at a much quicker pace.

And with addiction claiming millions upon millions of lives each year, every single second counts.

How are you giving away free copies of the eBook?

Our eBook, Surviving Your Loved One's Addiction, is delivered by email.

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