We offer a range of placement and support services, designed to make sobriety and stable, long-term recovery attainable to those who need it.

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Many people forego recovery because the process of getting into rehab can be intimidating.

Our placement and support services, which are available to anyone in need for free, is our way of making sobriety attainable to more people.

Insurance Verification

We'll work with your provider to find out exactly what health coverage you have.

Traveling for rehab? We'll help you to schedule flights and other forms of transport.

Drug Rehab Placement

There are over 15,000 drug rehab centers in the US, so we'll match you with the right one(s).

Intervention Assistance

Our interventionists have years of experience with planning and executing successful interventions.

Health Coverage Verification

Ever since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was enacted, substance abuse treatment has been classified as an essential health benefit. In other words, those with have health coverage can have their drug rehab program paid for, either in part or in whole, by their health insurance providers.

However, understanding the breadth of your coverage – including aspects of your plan like copays and deductibles – can be difficult. But with our free health insurance verification services, our team will work with your insurance provider to figure out exactly what's covered under your health plan.

Our support group meetings are held Wednesdays at 7PM CST.

We'd love for you to join the next session.

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Getting to & from Treatment

Coordinating Travel

Sometimes the right drug rehab or treatment provider isn't in the same town, or even the same state, as the person who needs treatment. But instead of resorting to a provider that doesn't tick all the boxes, Never Alone Recovery will assist with planning travel to and from the right drug rehab.

For assistance with planning travel to rehab, reach out to our team today. Our services cost nothing.

Drug Rehab Placement

Lack of access to the right rehabilitative resources is the most common reason for relapse. In other words, individuals relapse because they don't have the specific tools and strategies to safeguard their newfound sobriety.

At Never Alone Recovery, our mission is to make stable, long-term sobriety accessible to those who are suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs.

To give you (or a loved one) optimal chances of success in recovery, we offer free assessment and placement services. This means we match people in the throes of addiction to the programs that are best equipped to meet each individual's needs.

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Countless people have been affected by the addiction of a loved one. At a certain point, the relatives of addicts are left with no choice but to stage an intervention.

Interventions continue to be one of the best (and only) ways to encourage an addict to seek treatment. However, if you've not encountered addiction before, then you won't know how to stage an effective intervention. That's where we come in.

Our team includes highly experienced and knowledgeable interventionists who can assist with your intervention. Drawing from years of staging successful interventions, we can help to get your loved one on the journey of recovery.

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