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Female patient receives consultation with nurse after an overdose event

September 22, 2023

4 mins It’s difficult to imagine the experience of suffering an overdose for those who have not been there. However, it’s important to be prepared since drug overdose is an unfortunate risk of substance use.

A young man gazing into the distance overlooking a body of water.

September 7, 2023

6 mins Alcohol abuse disorder adversely changes the body and brain. Long-term exposure to alcohol causes the body to struggle to function without it.

Male sitting alone with glasses on with a serious look on his face.

August 29, 2023

4 mins The journey to sobriety is a lifelong mission. A relapse represents a setback along the way, but it doesn’t mean failure.

Side view of a young bearded sportsman in hat resting after workout while standing at the bridge

August 21, 2023

4 mins One of the effects of addiction is how it can hurt your sense of self-worth. When addiction is perceived as a personal failure, you tend to blame yourself. This can develop into low self-esteem.

Young men in a CHIME goal session

August 2, 2023

3 mins Many recovery processes and methods have emerged over the years, but the CHIME model has become among the most widely used. Here’s what you need to know…

July 24, 2023

5 mins There’s a profound connection between childhood trauma and substance use, which we’re breaking down here. Ready for valuable insights into the impact of early-life experiences on addiction?

Young girl feeling alone during a mental health crisis for teens

July 6, 2023

4 mins Between the pandemic and snowballing screen time, American teens are in the midst of a mental health crisis. But don’t worry — here’s everything you need to know.

Ethnic man in recovery sharing his story

June 23, 2023

5 mins We know the journey of addiction recovery is transformative, but did you know there are benefits to simply sharing your story? From catharsis to empowerment and advocacy, learn why your personal narrative can inspire others to get sober.

Woman with body paint to look like a robot

June 14, 2023

4 mins What is the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of addiction recovery? Here’s what we know about five innovative applications for AI that have big implications for the recovery process.

Sad Asian woman thinking about her risk for addiction

May 30, 2023

5 mins Assessing your risk for addiction is crucial for making responsible decisions and understanding the potential risks for yourself or a loved one. By gaining awareness of these risk factors, you can take proactive steps to prevent addiction or seek appropriate treatment.

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