Find Addiction Treatment Centers

Never Alone Recovery works with several of the top drug and alcohol rehab facilities throughout the United States to make sure you or your loved one receives optimal treatment. In order to find the best addiction treatment center, we take your individual needs and preferences as well as your financial situation and insurance plan into consideration. We work with you on an individual basis and offer treatment plans designed specifically for you.

Below is the simple four-stage process we utilize in order to find you the perfect addiction treatment center.

  • Brief Assessment
    • We find the best addiction treatment center that fits your individual needs.
  • Verify Insurance
    • We ensure that the selected treatment is covered by your insurance policy.
  • Intake/Travel
    • We coordinate intake process and assist in travel costs, so there is no barrier to treatment.
  • New Life
    • Begin your journey in recovery. Enjoy the rest of your life, free from the chains of addiction.

We understand that doing this research yourself can be stressful, that is why we are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a top rehab placement facility, you can call our free hotline at any time to learn all about your treatment options.

All it takes is one simple phone call to get started!