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Is 30 Day Luxury Addiction Treatment for me?

Many people believe that addiction is a problem only for the poor and disenfranchised. They view the issue as some far off problem that doesn’t even remotely affect their world, and they believe addicts to be shadowy figures that are lurking in alleyways somewhere in the city. And while this conception of addiction and the addict has changed somewhat over the past 20 years, it is still a prevalent notion within American Society. The interesting thing about it is that statically speaking, this idea is entirely wrong, because those who are more affluent actually have a higher propensity towards drug and alcohol addiction. Actors, lawyers, doctors, and socialites are all prime examples of people who fairly commonly suffer from addictive tendencies. However, since public image is such a key factor of success for high profile addicts, this truth is rarely publicized and therefore more often than not, it goes unnoticed.

This common misconception, that only poor or disenfranchised people suffer from addiction, more often than not, keeps people with a professional background from seeking the help they need for their substance abuse issues. It keeps them from having a chance at legitimate recovery because they believe that the disease of addiction is beneath their social standing. In order to move forward in helping individuals who suffer from addiction, this false notion needs to be thrown out and replaced with factual evidence in the field of addiction, which has proven time and again that addiction afflicts people from every walk of life regardless of race, gender, religious belief, or monetary wealth. Only when this idea can be accepted and acted upon, will our nation stop losing people to this terrible illness, and only then will we be able to be of maximum service to those addicted populations that truly need help.

What does Luxury Addiction Treatment include?

The Luxury Addiction Treatment programs that we work with offer more upscale amenities and privileges than a standard inpatient facility would. This is necessary for some individuals whose lifestyle may include certain comforts that the average treatment center would not be able to provide. While this may sound strange at first, it is important to note, that getting sober does not mean having to pay unnecessary penance, and that an individual attending any of our Executive/ Luxury Treatment should be as comfortable as possible.

Some of the amenities included in the Luxury Addiction Treatment programs that we work with are:

  •      The ability to conduct business      while in treatment
  •      Use of a cell-phone
  •      Use of a laptop 

Benefits of Luxury Addiction Treatment

Some of the goals of any of our Luxury addiction treatment are to provide the most comfortable, private living conditions possible, which replicate the feel of a luxury hotel or resort, while also creating a seamless transition from work-life to treatment. Facilities of this caliber generally provide clients with amenities such as heated pools, premier office accommodations, gourmet meals, horseback riding, and secluded locations to ensure privacy and anonymity.

Another benefit of luxury rehab facilities is the ability to work freely. At Never Alone Recovery, our treatment specialists understand the need of some of our clients to maintain their employment or business while undergoing the treatment process. This is why we have taken great strides to ensure every executive treatment center in our network supports the usage of cellphones and laptops for business purposes. We believe that learning how to deal with the stress of work without the usage of drugs or alcohol is a worthwhile endeavor during treatment, because our clients will be able to process their new found emotions and struggles in a safe and caring environment.

Finding the Right Luxury Treatment Program For You

If you find that you cannot stop using drugs or alcohol when you want to, or that once you start using you cannot stop then you may have an issue with addiction. As frightening as it can be to admit this to yourself, it is the first step in recovery and we here at Never Alone Recovery know exactly how you feel. So give us a call today at, 1-844-364-4445, and let us help you on your way to a new life in recovery.


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